Skiathos is most popular of Sporades, islands to east of Volos north of Evia. It has much to offer people of all ages nationalities most of whom find themselves returning year after year. The islis actually extension of wooded Mount Pelion scenery reflects this. Skiathos is a green islwith forests abundant water. There are fig, olive, plum, almond trees as well as grapes. Lately success of movie Mamma Mia has created a sort of mass-hysteria as people who loved movie come here to neighboring islof Skopelos, looking for isldepicted in film. They may never find those scenes they were looking for but nevertheless people visiting Skiathos should not be disappointed. It is a beautiful islreally only criticism of it, which many of Mamma Mia cultists will soon discover, is difficulty in getting here. It is almost as if they don’t want tourists to come. For some that is all more reason to go. But you won’t find an unspoiled, remote islstuck in some sixties or seventies time-warp. Skiathos embraced tourism many years ago on some of best beaches wooded hillsides you will find some of finest hotels in Greece, in July August you may have trouble finding a room if you don’t book early.

There are over 60 beaches in Skiathos, all sandy including Koukounaries rated 7th best beach in world best in Greece. Also Banana Beach just around headland is island’s only Naturist Beach is fantastic very sheltered. Most of  beaches are easy to get to by bus or moped as they are mostly found on only main road on Island. There are all types of water sports available at most of beaches even a diving center. As a rule, closer you are to town busier beach will be.

The iconic Lalaria Beach which is accessable by excursion boat is known to lovers of Greece through EOT posters from seventies which used white pebbles turquoise waters to lure generations of tourists to Greece in same way that Shipwreck Beach on Zakynthos does now. But unlike Zakynthos there is no rusty hulk rotting on beach, just ssea.You catch boat from harbor in Skiathos town. It can get crowded in summer there is no shade so bring your own. You may want to bring water too. If you come early you may have beach to yourself but probably not for long. There are a number of private boat tours, some on sailboats, so rather than go to Lalaria be dropped off find tour that goes around islwith a stop there.